kunststoffland NRW members are invited to join the platforms, which are primarily for sharing knowledge and experience



Sustainability platform

Plastic is a driver of innovation and can help solve numerous problems, so tackling the issue of sustainability in the right way is a key competitive factor for the plastics industry. Plastics have to be made more sustainable and the circular economy promoted.


Innovation/Lightweight construction platform

Lightweight construction is a key technology and a core driver for innovative products and applications far beyond the plastics industry itself, including in the energy and mobility sectors. One of the main aims of these platform meetings is to foster an exchange of cutting-edge knowledge between business and the scientific community.


Qualification platform

The shortage of emerging leaders and talent in parts of the plastics industry in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has already made a tangible impact. What can be done to respond to this challenge? What activities and ideas are promising? What potential solutions have already been tried out in some parts of the state?

Image platform

The negative image that the public has of plastics has consequences for the entire industry, which are especially severe when it comes to attracting new talent. Partly out of a lack of awareness and partly due to common prejudices, more and more young people are deciding against a career in the plastics industry. We want to do our bit to ensure that people take an impartial view and engage in a well-informed debate, and we aim to report on plastics, communicate with interested parties and raise awareness using neutral and objective language.

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