2nd PHA platform World Congress (Hybrid event)

Wo Cologne, Germany Maternushaus (on-site and online)
Wann - 23.09.21 Uhr
Veranstalter Polymedia Publisher GmbH, coorganised by GO!PHA

2nd PHA platform World Congress 2021…from Embryonic to Early Growth

PHA (Poly-Hydroxy-Alkanoates or polyhydroxy fatty acids) is a family of biobased polyesters. As in many mammals, including humans, that hold energy reserves in the form of body fat there are also bacteria that hold intracellular reserves of polyhydroxy alkanoates. Here the micro-organisms store a particularly high level of energy reserves (up to 80 % of their own body weight) for when their sources of nutrition become scarce. Examples of such Polyhydroxyalkanoates are PHB, PHV, PHBV, PHBH, and many more. That’s why we speak about the PHA platform.

This PHA-platform is made up of a large variety of bioplastics raw materials made from many different renewable resources. Depending on the type of PHA, they can be used for applications in films and rigid packaging, biomedical applications, automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, toys, glues, adhesives, paints, coatings, fibres for woven and non-woven and PHA products inks. So PHAs cover a broad range of properties and applications.

That’s why bioplastics MAGAZINE and Jan Ravenstijn are now organizing the 2nd PHA-platform World Congress on 22–23 September  2021 in Cologne / Germany. This congress continues the great success of the 1st PHA platform World Congress and the PHA-day at the Bioplastics Business Breakfast @ K 2019. We will again offer a special "Basics"-Workshop on the day before (Sept. 21) – if there are sufficient registrations...

The congress will address the progress, challenges and market opportunities for the formation of this new polymer platform in the world. Every step in the value chain will be addressed. Raw materials, polymer manufacturing, compounding, polymer processing, applications, opportunities and end-of-life options will be discussed by parties active in each of these areas. Progress in underlying technology challenges will also be addressed.

Disappointingly, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to revise our plans for the 2nd PHA platform World Congress, initially scheduled for September 2020. 

The event will now be held as a hybrid event. 

We hope that the pandemic will allow us to hold the congress physically on 22–23 September 2021 in the Maternushaus in Cologne, Germany.

The PHA-platform Workshop will be moved to Sept. 21st 2021. The venue is the same as for the congress.

For those who may/want/can not travel to Cologne, we offer an online-participation (Congress only, not for the workshop). 

Stay updated and visit this website frequently. In addition, we keep you updated via our newsletters.

In September 2020  we hosted a webinar on the latest developments around PHA, including capacity expansions, investment opportunities, application developments, legislation, and an update on GO!PHA’s programmes and progress. It was a great success. See feedback here.

You can still benefit from an "on-demand"-video-version of the webinar. It includes all presentations and the Q&A. It's available for EUR 349.00. Just contact