GO!PHA Webinar des bioplastics Magazine 


Ort: Webinar

Programme of the Webinar on Sep 2nd, 2020:

On Sept 2nd, 2020 the bioplastics Magazine will hold a webinar on the latest developments around PHA, including capacity expansions, investment opportunities, application developments, legislation, and an update on GO!PHA’s programmes and progress.

Below you find the preliminary programme. More details on timing will be published soon. All presentations will be recorded and will be made available for all registered participants, regardless of your timezone. So you can watch and listen to the presentations whenever it is convenient for you. Of course, online real-time Q&A is only available in those sessions you participate in "live". Off-line questions will be forwarded to the respective speakers.

Preliminary programme of the Webinar:

GO!PHA organization & legislative matters:

  • Rick Passenier (GO!PHA): will be covering the organization
    and activities of the Global Organization for the PHA-platform.
  • Lara Dammer (Nova Institute): SUP-ban Directive EU
  • Anindya Mukherjee (GO!PHA): will be covering legislative activities around the world of GO!PHA.
  • Ramani Narayan (Michigan State University): Title t.b.d.

Manufacturing capacity expansions:

  • Phil Van Trump (Danimer Scientific): Title t.b.d.
  • Blake Lindsey (RWDC-Industries): Title t.b.d.
  • Jan Ravenstijn: Global PHA-platform industry overview.
  • John Licata (Cheil Jedang): Speaker not confirmed yet.


  • Rolf Luther (FUCHS Schmierstoffe): PHA: Innovative biogenic and biodegradable polymers as components for lubricants.
  • Ronald Krijns (BYK-Altana): Virgin PHA, an extraordinary coating additive.
  • Lenka Minarova (Nafigate-Hydal): PHA in cosmetic applications.
  • Alessandro Carfagnini (Sabio Materials): The use of PHA for the production of Durable Goods.