13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials (Online)

12.05.2020 bis 14.05.2020

Veranstalter: nova-Institut GmbH

Success Stories and Upcoming Technological Breakthroughs in the Bioeconomy

Despite the challenging environment, innovative companies find markets for their new bio-based building blocks, chemicals and polymers. The 13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials will present success stories and upcoming technological breakthroughs in the bioeconomy. It is the second largest event on bio-based materials in Europe and continues to expand. Around 300 participants and 30 exhibitors, mainly from industries, are expected for the 2020 conference, where the leading companies of the bio-based economy meet for exchange and networking.

Bio-based polymers can be found in almost all application sectors, such as packaging, consumer goods, toys, automotive, textiles or coating. New bio-based building blocks are also available for body care, cosmetics, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. On top of that, more and more biogenic side streams from the food industry are utilised via biotechnology as part of the circular bioeconomy.

In 2020, the Bio-based Materials Conference will be focused on:
• Policy and Markets
• Fine chemicals in body care, cosmetics, food ingredients and pharmaceuticals
• Circular bioeconomy, biorefineries and especially lignin utilisation
• New opportunities for bio-based building blocks and polymers

As in every year, the Innovation Award “Bio-based Material of the Year” is awarded to the most innovative material and product on the market. Six companies will be nominated by an expert jury, out of which the winner will be chosen by the conference participants.

Conference information in brief:
13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials
12 - 14 May 2020, Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany
All information: http://bio-based-conference.com

Want to present a poster?
- Deadline for submission: 30 April 2020

Call for Innovations
- Deadline for submission: 29 February 2020

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